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Welcome! Thanks for checking out my site!

I'm Mary - wife, mom, grandma ❤️, friend, farmer, and always a photographer.  I'm a "city girl" transplanted to our farm in Northeast Iowa, where I quickly learned to drive a tractor, combine, and whatever else needed to be driven! Farming fuels my love of the outdoors and gives me a chance to enjoy all of the beauty that comes with each season.  I love to spend my free-time enjoying my fun-loving family, laughing with my great friends, and lending a hand in my community.  Osage Iowa is a beautiful place to enjoy, explore, and call home. 


Capturing  happiness is more than just capturing smiles, it's capturing being together! It's the little glances, the eye rolls, the hip-check to move over, the sweeping of bangs, the "I don't know what to do with my hands" look, the group hugs, or my favorite.....the sweetest kiss on the forehead.  It's capturing a senior's picture with their mom (or whomever comes with on their shoot).  It's the grandparents and grandkids all snuggled together.  It's the mom's and dad's that get to have just a moment with each other.  It's the cousin's picture that always makes everyone laugh!  It's your family, your day, your special time to cherish!  Taking pictures brings me a lot of happiness, and I plan to share that happiness with you!

I'm excited to hear about your special occasion, celebration, or event you would like to capture! Together we can create a plan and capture your happiness!!

I can't wait to hear from you!


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